Instal “POWERWARE” Voltage Stabilizer and Start Earning Form the Day One.


A voltage stabilizer, as the name suggests helps us to have a stabilized the voltage. When there is a high voltage then it makes it to the required level of electrical equipment and vice versa. Stabilized input to the machines helps us to increase the efficiency of machines as well as quality of final product improves.

Now we consider the two cases i.e over voltage and low voltage, in first case i.e in case when the voltage is higher than the voltage at which equipment is designed to operate most effectively. Due to this over voltage problem equipment lifetime will reduced and increases in energy consumption without any improvement in performance. Similarly in second case when the voltage goes on lower side than the required/ designed voltage, due to this problem number of problem will generate in equipment, for example contactors and relays may drop out which will be the reason for interruption in operation of machines.


Your expensive equipment is being subjected to undesirable stress because of improper voltage. Typical ill-effects on some common equipment are illustrated below.

Equipments Effects of under voltage Effects of over voltage
UPS Systems Low Battery Life Failure
Electronics Malfunction Failure
Electron Tubes 10% drop reduces Cathode emission by 40% 5% increase reduces tube life by 50%
Rectifier Loads At 10 % under voltage, plating rate drops by 20%, charging rate Drops by 25%, welding time increased by 20% Excessive heat generated, produces poor welds can reduce rectifier life substantially. Plating/deposition may be uncontrolled.
Motors/ Air Conditioning Overload and uneven heating/ low efficiency. Overheating
Lamps, Tube lights Heating Elements Low lux, reduced efficiency. Higher Failure/ high energy consumption due to over heating
Process Plants Increase in wastage of finished product, stoppage of production Uneven quality

Increase Productivity & Product Quality:

If you install POWERWARE Electronic Automatic Voltage Controller, an added advantage is increase in Productivity & quality. This is due to the fact that nuisance equipment breakdowns due to overheating will come under control & production will go on uninterrupted. Additionally, due to a well maintained voltage level, there will be no variations in process parameters leading to consistent quality.

Further efficiency of POWERWARE servo voltage stabilizer is approx. 98.5% as compared to competitors (even IS standard) which specifies only 95%. We give below the calculation to establish the additional potential saving Rs. 3,78,000/-   per year recurring, which will accrue to you using our high efficiency 500 KVA servo voltage stabilizer.

  1. Min. Guaranteed Eff. of POWERWARE SVS             =          98.5 %
  2. Eff. of Other Make                                                           =         95 %
  3. Difference is                                                                      =          3.5%
  4. Rating of the stabilizer                                                   =        500 KVA
  5. 3.5 % of Rated Capacity                                                   = 3.5 % of 500 = 17.5 KVA
  6. Total Energy Difference = KVA DIFFERENCE X 12X300  =         63000 Units
  7. Cost of These Energy @ 6.00 per unit                                  =  Rs.3,78,000

So, We can observe from above that with the help of SVS we can prevent our costly equipments by voltage fluctuations as well as we can get huge saving on our yearly/ monthly energy bills.


POWERWARE Servo Voltage Stabilizer is the proven solution for all problems caused by voltage fluctuations and unbalance .It saves your costly equipments and processes from detrimental effects of fluctuating and unbalanced voltages and gives you mental peace to concentrate on more important business issues.

Our products find wide applications in industrial, commercial, residential, process plants power electronics, CNC machines etc. not only in the country but internationally also.

Key features of POWERWARE Servo Voltage Stabilizers are as below:

Energy Saver Energy Saver Optimum Output
Complete Control Complete Control Suitable for unbalanced Loads
Detachable Panel Detachable Panel Easy mounting and dismantling Can face any direction of use Provides great facility for monitoring and control by keeping inside control room
Distortion less Waveform Distortion less Waveform Good Output quality
Digital Display Digital Display Easy to read and accurate Good looks and helps in monitoring and control
Quick Response Quick Response Response time-10milli sec
Painting-Epoxy Painting-Epoxy PU (optional) Good paint quality Longer paint life in outdoor conditions
Quality Tests Quality Tests Testing as per IS 2026 high Reliability

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